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Landlord and Tenant Law

Landlord and Tenant Law (Tenancy Law, Leasehold Law)

A.)  Do you let (lease) residential or commercial property?

We can take care of:

  1. Initiation, establishment and conclusion of private and commercial tenancy agreements, mixed tenancy agreements, lease agreements, rent deposits/rental collateral, exclusion of termination, tenancy rights vis-à-vis home owners’ associations
  2. Assertion of landlord’s rights in current tenancy agreements: rent increases, legal rent control, modernisation, cosmetic repairs, operating cost invoicing, sub tenancies, death of the tenant, change of ownership, interruption of utility supplies, warranty rights such as price reduction, compensation, neighbourhood law, receivership, insurance matters in landlord and tenant law
  3. Termination of tenancy agreements, ordinary termination and termination for cause, actions for eviction, enforcement of eviction relating to tenancy agreements for residential and commercial premises, termination agreements, statute of limitation and forfeiture– termination on the grounds of landlord’s need to use the premises for themselves or family members

– termination by the landlord so they can utilise the premises

– legal means against rent nomads and tenants who are unwilling to pay

– tenant’s restoration obligation

Your rights in the event of the tenant’s/landlord’s insolvency: vis-à-vis insolvency administrators, tenant debtors.

B.) Are you a tenant?

We know how landlords think and act. Therefore, we can ensure your rights as a tenant are defended efficiently.